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InfoPro History


InfoPro Corporation (IPC), a woman-owned, small disadvantaged business headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama was acquired by InterFuze in early 2016.


IPC was founded in 1985 and had experienced steady growth in the Federal arena by consistently exceeding customer expectations. Beginning in 1985, IPC was a leading provider of services to the State, Federal, and Military markets. With 400+ employees and annual revenues in the $60M range, IPC delivered a myriad of highly regarded services in the areas of information technology, engineering, security, training, unexploded ordnance disposal, range operations, and special operations/System Engineering Technical Assistant (SETA) support.


IPC synthesized disciplined architecture and development with emerging technologies to ensure the success of advanced mission-critical systems and programs across high-priority state, federal, civilian, and defense agencies such as the State of Alabama, Department of Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force, Corps of Engineers, and intelligence customers. IPC utilized its distinguished capability sets, well-balanced client bases, and large contract vehicle portfolios to provide key organic growth avenues that afforded cost savings to our customers in tight budget environments. A strong focus on the importance of a robust culture and strong core values allowed the company to excel in recruiting and retaining high-end employees needed to tackle the most technically demanding problems facing the government.


With the addition of IPC, InterFuze was able to bridge the gap between academia and the battlefield, optimize enterprise technology, advance scientific knowledge, ensure efficient process-driven technology development and modernization, and create secure, dependable systems that automate critical business functions.

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